Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Forward into the 1770s!

So here we go. Severe lack of sewing desire for the faire stuff has led to a venturing out back into the 1770s. As mentioned previously; Lover, Friendy, and I are going American Revolution reenacting. I being me and recently in the possession of Patterns of Fashion has led to much plotting.
The new printer led to a stay pattern that might actually work. Yay!

And I found fabric to use:

It's a lovely silver blue I found on Fabrics-Store. They also have a lovely linen canvas. It's also not softened! Yay! I have round reed to use for boning. I bought a pound and have since made two Elizabethan Stays from it with plenty left over. It's about 1/8" which means two pieces for each 1/4" channel. I intend to bind the stays with the binding from Burnley and Trowbridge. Which Lover has offered to help me with. My hands have never been particularly strong. 

Okay. I bragged about my plots and now I'm supposed to go work on the Celts so they can be photographed for the Plaid and Paisley challenge. Which is probably what I should have been doing from the beginning. 


Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Latest Burst of Insanity

I am back. Which shows how much of a bad blogger I am. But in my defense I was in sewing slump and have now suddenly become very busy doing stuff for Faire and now for American Revolutionary War Reenactment. Which is always fun but can be a bit insane at times. I also have many challenges in the HSF to catch up on and then to do. I am determined to do many even if it means playing catch up. Plus I still have to finish Nefertari and find her a wig. So much to do. So here is the full list of where I shall be. Hopefully blogging in between. Well now I have my new tablet so that should make it much easier.

For Faire:

  1.  Green Dress with Green Plaid Wrap (Done! Pics coming as soon as it cools off here! Plus the plaid will be my entry for the Plaid and Paisley Challenge!)
  2. Blue Dress with Blue Plaid Wrap (The plaid is done and shall also be featured in the Plaid and Paisley Challenge. The Blue Dress is to be patterned on Thursday)
  3. White shirt, Green Plaid Cape (Cape is done. Shirt is cut out and sitting next to me. I should probably be working on it rather then blogging...)
There are also the necessary sleeves to be added on to my doublet from last year. 

It also needs new pants and a new blouse. Hopefully I can do all that. But I can always wear modern pants as long as they're not jeans. 

In addition Hook needs sleeves and a longer doublet. And I have a corset to make for a friend. and Then there's all the reenactment stuff. For another post I think. I will hopefully have a lot photographed this week and more posts! Yay! 

Time to go stitch the shirt!