Friday, March 7, 2014

Challenge #4: Underneath it All

I had awesome plans. I was going to keep up with the blog and have all the challenges up on time. Ha. I'm hilarious. Then the universe intervened. And I had to haul my dear laptop off to repairs and find a real job.

So without further delay I give you my pre quilted quilted petticoat for Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014 Challenge #4: Underneath it All (And as soon as I find buttons I like do I have an awesome post for Innovation.)


I am not wearing anything under it. It stands out just like that on its own. I intend to add a bit of stiffener to the hem to make it even sturdier.

I like the quilted petticoat because I have no patience for hoops or corded petticoats of any kind. This one is to be worn under a Florentine Gown with one petticoat over it. So it should stand up nice. Plus it holds my skirts out with the same umph but fewer petticoats. I'm also planning to use it for several eras. 

Here it is under a skirt. The skirt is 4 yards quilters cotton with two grosgrain ribbon guards. The petticoat holds up rather well. 

Now for the Facts:
The Challenge #4: Underneath it All
Item: Quilted Petticoat
Fabric: 3 yards prequilted red fabric (cotton fabric with polyester batting)
  Cut 4 rectangles at the proper waist to ankle height. And two longer ones for waistband.
Year:  I consider it rather multi era, given it gives awesome skirt support. Its true purpose is for 1570s Florentine.
Notions:  Thread
How Historically Accurate:  Cotton and Polyester are not accurate, neither is machine quilting. However, red was a popular color for petticoats. And quilted petticoats do exist, especially in the 1700s. I say 3-4/10
First Worn:  Only for the pictures and then around the house when finished. Intended for the 2014 Faire Season and then to help hold skirts out (hoops and I hate each other. Even corded ones.)
Time Spent: Took abou 15 minutes to cut out and then about 3 hours to assemble. That includes French seams because I use those on everything. So 3 hours 15 minutes
Total Cost: Fabric was on sale so $15? I bought it awhile ago.

Hopefully the dress will be soon!

Oh and my help:

Gods forbid the fabric floats away!