Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Florentine Townswoman

I'm just going to stop saying I'm back and just write.

Today I present my Lower Class Florentine:

It's a really simple gown. The purple is mid-weight linen from Fabrics-Store. The trim is black velvet ribbon. I'm wearing it over a small pocket, my red quilted petticoat, a partlet and my linen 18th century shift (One day I'll have a proper 16th century one)

The fascinating part is the bodice. I constructed it with a layer of heavy duty interfacing, and two layers of heavy drill. All the shaping is in that form and the lacing rings at the side backs. I have a couple more of this style to make so there will be more pics.

Behind the scenes showing the general bodice shapes and the lacing rings. I stitched them on with waxed embroidery floss. As long as I went through all the layers they seemed to hold up.

Of course then I had to make more...

And us at the NJ Renaissance Faire. 

And again at New York Renaissance Faire. For this one my friend borrowed my purple and I wore an old green gown that I finally finished which will be the subject of the next post 

Needless to say I have more Florentines to make and man is this gown comfy also really versitile between two different people.