Saturday, October 6, 2012

October Sewing/Halloween/Here we go again

So October brings much: colder weather, lovely colors in the trees, fresh apple cider, and Halloween. Which subtly translates into frantic sewing. Woohoo. As I recall in recent memory, I was stitching the ears on Catwoman's cowl like ten minutes before a party one year. (Typical, one would think I'd learn...)

This year's problem is not cat ears. Nope, it's indecisiveness. I have two costumes ideas, one is mostly finished, the other partially finished. The first is Countess Dracula/Queen of Darkness. I have a couple issues with this one that make me unhappy. Probably stuff easily fixed with some quality time with a seam ripper. (more on that later.) The other is a historically inspired interpertation of Princess Jasmine in Disney's Aladdin. (Which I mentioned earlier.)

This is Countess Dracula/Queen of Darkness:

This consists of a trained black "velvet" skirt, a black "velvet" bodice with light boning and back lacing. The slightly puffy sleeves are attached to the bodice with the black chiffon drape below. The cape is black tulle (but with a nicer drape) with silver details (moons and stars). As is the collar. The cape and collar are removable and the skirt and bodice are separate. The Skirt is from my Phantom costume.

As mentioned before there a couple issues to this costume. There's something funky with the skirt. It never hangs quite right and I'm torn between redoing the waist band/pleating or getting a couple yards of black satin to make a full skirt to match the sleeves. In addition, I think the bodice needs a little trim of some kind, it seems very plain to me. Plus, it needs a new corset/chemise to make it all sit right, and some skirt support. I already have a fun Halloween fabric for the corset. I just can't decide on the skirts. And I do have a lovely corset pattern, which is kind of my go to for any corset. It just rocks and fits so well:

If anyone knows anything about pleating Victorian Natural or bustle skirts, links or advice would be greatly apprcieated. I believe that's what this skirt is supposed to be. Maybe it needs a better petticoat. I've no idea. Victorian is not my strong point. But damn can I make a corset.

This  is my corset base pattern, I use it to draft every corset I make. Or at least as the basis when playing with patterns. I've also used it to draft bodices and such. It's awesome. It started as the corset from Simplicity 5834, and went from there. In its latest incarnation it was the corset from my Maid Marian garb. 

The other costume, Princess Yasmin, is partially finished. I have the harem pants and the blouse, I just need to figure out the coat and get up the guts to cut out the fancy fabric as well as hem the veil.

The whole reason for this is to enter a costume contest in my area. And I really want to enter. But in addition to all this, I also have a couple sachets to make to put lavender in. (We have cloth moth issues and a cat who is usually a mighty hunter but is scared of these things...) Obviously they are in purple fabrics.

I also have my friend's Supergirl cape and possibly advisement on another costume. As well as an apron for my grandmother's birthday. And here I thought I'd stop this massive sewing run. I never learn....


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Princess Yasmin's Hat

So it started with a bored day at work and I gave into research. That resesrch led to plots for a historically accurate version of one of my favorite Disney Princesses, Princess Jasmine. This is my version, which takes its influence from Turkish and Persian fashion. The plan included a blouse, harem pants, a coat and a hat with veils. And I know they have proper names but I'm on my phone and don't feel like looking them up.

In cleaning up the sewing room I found the hat form I bought last year. It was originally a 1950s costume hat. So tonight I covered it with some of the purple satin for the sash and a bit of teal bias tape for the edge. Then I added the stone in the center for her jeweled headband. 

The first picture shows the purple satin anf the bias. The second shows the inside. And the third shows the jewel. I just have to add on the veil and it's done. Which leaves the coat that scares me. It was expesive fabric. 

Night All! 

PS The black, red, teal, and purple in the first two pictures is the very first thing I knit. It's a lovely shawl. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Robin Hood! (A well dressed pain in the Sheriff's tuckus)

Here we go! The promised post on Lover's garb from faire.
We jokingly call this "The Prom Shot"

Anyway...Lover has a shirt of light weight muslin, a doublet of the same fabric as my garb and pants of a brown fabric. I am particularly proud of this one because I did the doublet and shirt by hand, completely! Made me feel very Marian. For me that's a big deal, I never hand sew.

The hat was redone between the two days we went. And the boot covers were fitted over the shoes. Which you can see in the next pics.
Same Bridge and Everything!

Personally I love that shot. Very dashing. You can also just see the pouch. Lover made it himself. And he stitched one of the belt loops on the pants. (See I give credit where credit is due.) This shot also shows the redone hat.

And one more shot from the archery contest between Robin and Marian. We can always say Robin let Marian win....

And there we have it! A dashing Robin Hood. Rumor has it next year is pirates.....hmm...such potential.

Cheers and Good night!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Marian, Outlaw or How I Lost My Mind Stitching Eyelets

Before I begin this, I must explain. Maid Marian is one of my favorite characters of all time. And Robin Hood was an early crush. I grew up watching the Disney Robin Hood. Then watched all the other Robin Hood Stories (Prince of Thieves, BBC's, the Adventures of Robin Hood). To me, Marian was never the way I viewed her. So I wrote my own version. It's a wish of mine to get it published one day. Which brings us back to the costumes.

My friends and I wanted to go to the Renaissance Faire in our area back in 2010. It was then I designed an epic Tudor/Elizabethan/Fantasy gown based off one out of Elizabeth with Cate Blanchett. (Which calculated out would have been upwards of $300, it was made of historically accurate fabric and such. Just don't ask....) That crashed and burned and the topic was revisited in 2011 after I had written parts of my Marian novel. We decided to give life to the characters and thus this doodle was born, (forgive poor art skills), heavily influenced by BBC's Robin Hood from 2006 I think and the movie Your Highness

After much plotting, and several trips to the fabric store, I had my fabric and a redesign. (All my friends were wearing skirts, I wanted one too.) I had my garb. Keep in mind there are about 90 eyelets on the pants alone, and another 24 on the sleeve cuffs. As well as another 18 on the corset. I used metal eyelets and covered everyone with thread. After sewing 80% of the garb by hand because Edy, my 1930s sewing machine, decided she was not working. Oh and that Hurrican Irene kept me out of the sewing room for four days. After that, I had this.

My Lady Marian Fitzwalter, Outlaw

The skirt and pouch were made the night before after a frantic trip to the fabric store and a lucky shot at matching fabric. I made the sleeves so they roll up and I can wear my leather bracers. Despite the corset, this is one of my absolute favorite costumes. I've worn it three times to Faire and I never want to take it off. It feels like Marian, or at least the Marian I created in my mind.

In the first shooting picture you can see the eyelets. The second to last one is with Lover. His garb is another post and the last one is one of my absolute favorite pictures of all time.

So there you have it. Inspiration from a fox and an unfinished novel.

Long Live Robin Hood! And a pox on the phoney king of England!