Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Robin Hood! (A well dressed pain in the Sheriff's tuckus)

Here we go! The promised post on Lover's garb from faire.
We jokingly call this "The Prom Shot"

Anyway...Lover has a shirt of light weight muslin, a doublet of the same fabric as my garb and pants of a brown fabric. I am particularly proud of this one because I did the doublet and shirt by hand, completely! Made me feel very Marian. For me that's a big deal, I never hand sew.

The hat was redone between the two days we went. And the boot covers were fitted over the shoes. Which you can see in the next pics.
Same Bridge and Everything!

Personally I love that shot. Very dashing. You can also just see the pouch. Lover made it himself. And he stitched one of the belt loops on the pants. (See I give credit where credit is due.) This shot also shows the redone hat.

And one more shot from the archery contest between Robin and Marian. We can always say Robin let Marian win....

And there we have it! A dashing Robin Hood. Rumor has it next year is pirates.....hmm...such potential.

Cheers and Good night!

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