Monday, October 1, 2012

Marian, Outlaw or How I Lost My Mind Stitching Eyelets

Before I begin this, I must explain. Maid Marian is one of my favorite characters of all time. And Robin Hood was an early crush. I grew up watching the Disney Robin Hood. Then watched all the other Robin Hood Stories (Prince of Thieves, BBC's, the Adventures of Robin Hood). To me, Marian was never the way I viewed her. So I wrote my own version. It's a wish of mine to get it published one day. Which brings us back to the costumes.

My friends and I wanted to go to the Renaissance Faire in our area back in 2010. It was then I designed an epic Tudor/Elizabethan/Fantasy gown based off one out of Elizabeth with Cate Blanchett. (Which calculated out would have been upwards of $300, it was made of historically accurate fabric and such. Just don't ask....) That crashed and burned and the topic was revisited in 2011 after I had written parts of my Marian novel. We decided to give life to the characters and thus this doodle was born, (forgive poor art skills), heavily influenced by BBC's Robin Hood from 2006 I think and the movie Your Highness

After much plotting, and several trips to the fabric store, I had my fabric and a redesign. (All my friends were wearing skirts, I wanted one too.) I had my garb. Keep in mind there are about 90 eyelets on the pants alone, and another 24 on the sleeve cuffs. As well as another 18 on the corset. I used metal eyelets and covered everyone with thread. After sewing 80% of the garb by hand because Edy, my 1930s sewing machine, decided she was not working. Oh and that Hurrican Irene kept me out of the sewing room for four days. After that, I had this.

My Lady Marian Fitzwalter, Outlaw

The skirt and pouch were made the night before after a frantic trip to the fabric store and a lucky shot at matching fabric. I made the sleeves so they roll up and I can wear my leather bracers. Despite the corset, this is one of my absolute favorite costumes. I've worn it three times to Faire and I never want to take it off. It feels like Marian, or at least the Marian I created in my mind.

In the first shooting picture you can see the eyelets. The second to last one is with Lover. His garb is another post and the last one is one of my absolute favorite pictures of all time.

So there you have it. Inspiration from a fox and an unfinished novel.

Long Live Robin Hood! And a pox on the phoney king of England!


  1. Awww...You guys look great!!
    Well done, you!

  2. Thanks. I finished Lover's the night before we went.

  3. I've been to that faire! It's a nice one. I'm blown away by all the eyelets. I'm going to quit whining about the measly 58 I'll be sewing.

  4. It really is a nice faire. And the eyelets go faster. After the first twenty I was down to about 3 minutes per one.