Saturday, October 6, 2012

October Sewing/Halloween/Here we go again

So October brings much: colder weather, lovely colors in the trees, fresh apple cider, and Halloween. Which subtly translates into frantic sewing. Woohoo. As I recall in recent memory, I was stitching the ears on Catwoman's cowl like ten minutes before a party one year. (Typical, one would think I'd learn...)

This year's problem is not cat ears. Nope, it's indecisiveness. I have two costumes ideas, one is mostly finished, the other partially finished. The first is Countess Dracula/Queen of Darkness. I have a couple issues with this one that make me unhappy. Probably stuff easily fixed with some quality time with a seam ripper. (more on that later.) The other is a historically inspired interpertation of Princess Jasmine in Disney's Aladdin. (Which I mentioned earlier.)

This is Countess Dracula/Queen of Darkness:

This consists of a trained black "velvet" skirt, a black "velvet" bodice with light boning and back lacing. The slightly puffy sleeves are attached to the bodice with the black chiffon drape below. The cape is black tulle (but with a nicer drape) with silver details (moons and stars). As is the collar. The cape and collar are removable and the skirt and bodice are separate. The Skirt is from my Phantom costume.

As mentioned before there a couple issues to this costume. There's something funky with the skirt. It never hangs quite right and I'm torn between redoing the waist band/pleating or getting a couple yards of black satin to make a full skirt to match the sleeves. In addition, I think the bodice needs a little trim of some kind, it seems very plain to me. Plus, it needs a new corset/chemise to make it all sit right, and some skirt support. I already have a fun Halloween fabric for the corset. I just can't decide on the skirts. And I do have a lovely corset pattern, which is kind of my go to for any corset. It just rocks and fits so well:

If anyone knows anything about pleating Victorian Natural or bustle skirts, links or advice would be greatly apprcieated. I believe that's what this skirt is supposed to be. Maybe it needs a better petticoat. I've no idea. Victorian is not my strong point. But damn can I make a corset.

This  is my corset base pattern, I use it to draft every corset I make. Or at least as the basis when playing with patterns. I've also used it to draft bodices and such. It's awesome. It started as the corset from Simplicity 5834, and went from there. In its latest incarnation it was the corset from my Maid Marian garb. 

The other costume, Princess Yasmin, is partially finished. I have the harem pants and the blouse, I just need to figure out the coat and get up the guts to cut out the fancy fabric as well as hem the veil.

The whole reason for this is to enter a costume contest in my area. And I really want to enter. But in addition to all this, I also have a couple sachets to make to put lavender in. (We have cloth moth issues and a cat who is usually a mighty hunter but is scared of these things...) Obviously they are in purple fabrics.

I also have my friend's Supergirl cape and possibly advisement on another costume. As well as an apron for my grandmother's birthday. And here I thought I'd stop this massive sewing run. I never learn....


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