Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ha Ha! Not Dead!

Ha Ha! I am not dead! It's just been a rough month and a half or so. I was sick then I thought I was better then there was Superstorm Sandy and no power, then I was sick again, then there were papers, and now there is Thanksgiving and a quasi break.

To sum up, I never really got to dress up for Halloween. Being sick combined with no power doesn't make for a working sewing machine. And yes I did sew by hand for a little while but I had to tear most of that out then next day in the daylight. Clearly I'm not used to candles. I remain in awe of those of you who can do full garments completely by hand. I am almost done with Moira, the maid from the first season of American Horror Story, alas Countess Dracula is still in pieces.

However! I did make aprons! And there are pictures!

The aprons have pockets and are reversable. It's common knowledge in my family if you dress up you will get stains. So aprons are very important at family gatherings. (The amount of stains are directly proportionate to the amount of people present, the importance of the holiday, and the newness of the outfit) These aprons are made out of printed cotton fabric from Joann's. They have grosigrain ribbon ties. (not visible)

So I wish all a Happy Thanksgiving and leave you with a picture of my purrfect pumpkin pie. It helped break the baking curse I was under.

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