Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pirates! Pirates! Pirates!

Okays so it's probably a little crazy to start planning for next year's RenFaire now (and yes I do go to those, I happen to love the one by me) but when inspiration strikes, there is often little choice. And man, do I have inspiration.

Every Sunday we watch ABC's Once Upon a Time. It's a really cool show and has awesome characters and amazing costumes for a tv show. It's like SyFy's Merlin costume wise but with a Tudor/Elizabethan/Victorian edge. Anyways, the costumes are awesome. Google it for awesome pics. But alas, I digress. This season there is Captain Killian Jones, better known as Captain Hook. Yes Captain Hook is now on Once. But not this Hook:

This Hook:
I know, totally drool worthy. Any who, there was already discussion of pirates for next years RenFaire, last year. And with Hook's arrival on Once, what better character to do? (and I mean costume ;) ) So I went through pics and managed to figure out Hook's wardrobe and the absolutely gorgeous coat he has. On a random note, does anyone else notice how he keeps getting tied up every time he appears? Not that I'm complaining  just saying....

So we have our dashing captain  Lover is already all for it. (squeals and runs around cheering). Now we need my attire. I looked through Milah, Hook's love interest - we think - from the episode "The Crocodile". I liked the idea of her attire but I didn't want to recreate it exactly. So after much digging, I came up with this:
Merlina the Pirate

Just ignore the writing on it. I take notes on my sketches. And yes that is a sketch and the extent of my art skills, although I can sometimes do landscapes....

I intend to make the doublet shell out of this lovely tooled faux leather with a green-blue lining. the doublet lining will also be the same as the outer fabric of the corset. Blouse will be a crinkly cotton. Skirt likely similar to the lining. and this time the pants will have a little stretch or I will cut them properly and there will be NO lacing down the sides.

Now I just need to get the fabric, pattern and everything. Fun. At least I have my favorite corset pattern!

Cheers and Happy Sunday/Once Day!

PS: Links beneath the pictures will relocate you to the location they were taken. I admit I could formally cite them in APA or MLA format, but I just finished the massive bibliography and I don't feel like it.

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