Monday, November 14, 2016

The Goddess Brighid

I return. Not sure what happened but for now I'm determined to be back and wow is there so much to say. But for now we shall start light. Which ironically is a pun. Especially if one knows the title of the above post. Hehehe.

For Halloween this year I decided to enter the Take Back Halloween Costume Contest. I'm fairly certain I've written about them before but for now check out for more information.

The first entry I present is Brighid, the Celtic Goddess of Fire. She eventually become associated with a Catholic Saint of the same name.

This shot is in reference to the legend of St. Brighid and her cloak. There are several versions but the common factor is the saint spreading her cape on the land and it growing until she had space for her abbey. 

The white undergown comes from my new Celt garb I made this year, along with the belt. The original look can be seen below with the inspiration picture below. The new Celt will be detailed in another post.

I found this on Pinterest and tried to tack it back to a source. I couldn't find one but it is not my art just my inspiration. All I found of it was the figure is the Goddess Brighid, poetic?