Monday, September 24, 2012

Festive Attyre: A Curtain Along

I am so not a stranger to curtain based sewing. Might have something to do with that dress out of Gone With the Wind, it's one of my favorites. My first historically accurate (okay as close as possibly) attire was made from curtains. As well as my sister's Elizabeth Swan gold gown. So when I saw this on Festive Attyre, I just had to! (Squeels with glee)

You can learn more about it here:

But I'm so in. I saw the curtains in Lowe's the other day and they just screamed "Make me into a gown!". I wanted to check on the accuracy but now I see this, clearly I'm good. Plus I need attire for my dream trip to Colonial Williamsburg for Under the Redcoat. Running around in colonial dress for a couple days? Heaven! Added bonus, I get to make a vest (not the term, blanking too late to thing) oh wait! Waist coat for Lover out of the black version.

Here is the white curtain:
This pic is from the Amazon listing.

Now I just need this week's check and Yay!


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