Monday, September 24, 2012

The Snow Queen or a Medieval Gown

First, GASP! A post the very next day. I'm surprised with myself. On a side note I am also freezing. Thank God for wool and fleece. Anyways....

So we continue with my sewing projects. I'm not currently working on anything right now so I can play catch up. Hehehe

This is Costume #2! As well as the first item I made with a pattern I drafted myself. It is a simple medieval gown with side gores and one in the center back cut longer to train out. The head piece started as a traditional Russian hat and kinda when from there. (Ignore the make up, it was for Halloween.)

So the design is historical, sorta, and under the veil my hair is sewn with ribbon into a bun!

I have reused this pattern since for the Maid Marian/Elf Princess/GWTW Curtain Gown. But alas 'tis another post. And looking at these I now remember how much fun that was.


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