Sunday, September 23, 2012

Oopsy and First Dress

So there is a lesson in this. DO NOT START A BLOG DURING SEMESTER. Most would find this quite obvious. But let's not discuss that.

So I am still alive. Sewing three full sets of garb for the RenFaire does not help. But that's another story and hopefully will have pictures. (as soon as I break the encription on my flashdrive)

I want to start this blog at the beginning so I am going to post what I have made from the very beginning which brings us to First Dress. (And pictures)

This is First Dress

I made this in 2005 if I remember correctly. I used a McCall's pattern that has since gone out of print and I'm completely blanking on the number. Yes there are princess seams and a zipper (my first!). I know better now. The dress originally had full sleeves over the narrow ones. I still have them, somewhere. It is made of a quilter's cotton, I think. For the fact it is my very first sewing piece, I still love it. The white peaking out is my newest medieval chemise.

Next shall be a brief comment on the "cape" that goes with First Dress and the cape that goes with my name.


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