Sunday, May 17, 2015

Once Upon a Time there was a blog...

So I am back. It has been a crazy span of time in the past five almost six months, but I return, mostly unscathed. I really haven't had the motivation to be sewing and I also haven't had a chance to get things photographed so that creates problems when one attempts to write blog posts. But the sewing motivation is back and so is that ever looming faire deadline....

There has been much going in, including Regency plots (whole new wheelhouse for yours truly.) But luckily the sewing bug has returned. In the form of Once Upon a Time. 

Despite not getting to watch most of the fourth season (go away life I want to watch my show) I did give in and watch the season finale. I mean come on who wouldn't? I'm so happy Emma finally said that thing that she said to that guy w all know she wants to have tacos with. But I'm also really happy she got to wear Enchanted Forest Warrior Garb. Which is great because previously she hasn't worn anything that would work along side delicious Captain Hook's lovely leather doublet. This also means I have something I can wear. 

Isn't it just beautiful? The only thing I have so far is her sword. Because Lover got me a beautiful cutlass. It's a little more intricate then the one Emma uses (did anyone notice she used Hook's sword?) but I intend to use it anyway. I've found most of the pieces and those I haven't I hope to find soon. Must be fate. Hmm...I wonder if I'll look good blonde....


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