Saturday, November 2, 2013

Pirates Ahoy!

So this year for faire was Pirates! Specifically Once Upon a Time Pirates. My garb is five pieces: white shirt, black leggings, red paneled skirt, brown corset, faux leather doublet.

The doublet is the best part of this whole look. It is based off the white outfit worn by Snow White in the second season of Once Upon a Time.

I started with the bodice pattern of the Fitted English Gown from The Tudor Tailor, and played from there. I justify it as a separate because I can wear it with several different outfits. Not just my pirate. It was supposed to be for a Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge. Never posted in time. Oopsy. 
Just the Facts:
The Challenge: #16 Separates
Fabric: 1 yard tooled faux leather. (Not accurate but I can't wear leather) 1 yard red cotton
Pattern: Started as English Fitted Gown from The Tudor Tailor
Year: We can say 1500s-1600s because of the pattern but It's really fantasy
How Historically Accurate is it: Not at all. Well maybe like 1% because I used a Tudor Tailor pattern
Notions: 3 brass clasps, thread
Hours to Complete: I really didn't keep track, it went pretty quick save for all the seam removal. 
First Worn: Not yet. Only for the fit check and my brief photos.
Total Cost: $15 for the tooled leather, $6 for the cotton lining, and $6 for the clasps (half off sale on notions!!!) oh and $4 for the new seam ripper. So $31 give or take a little. 

The clasps are almost identical to the ones used on Hook's Leather doublet in Once Upon a Time. More on his look later...

And now the full garb:

And of Course my lovely rose from my dear love. 

Cheers or rather Arrr!!!

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