Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Lovely New Book and The Damsel Gown

I bought a book! I know, in the grand scheme of things this is not a big deal, but it is to me! This is not a textbook for my degree! I know *gasp*! AND it's a sewing book. Yay! (insert happy dance)

I bought The Tudor Tailor by Ninya Mikhaila and Jane Malcom-Davies from Amazon. (And the title of the book is linked to their website, totally drool worthy!)

The pretty book:

Needless to say it is an absolutely gorgeous book and I love it already! I have officially decided to love the era more than hate it right now. Late Elizabethan Nobles still scare me and some of the fashions are a bit particular to my tastes. Anyway! It makes the Damsel Dress so much easier! As well as the Tudor Sew-A-Long I am plotting for the summer. But I digress. 

Thanks to this book, I have spent the day plotting my gown. I feel quite proud of myself. I'm even price hunting! Which is really useful. If only I could discover if underpetticoats were lined....

Oh and there will be pics of the Regency servant attire soon. It's almost done and hands down one of the easiest historical outfits I've done! And probably the fastest!


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