Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Regency Cinderella Or Challenge #5

I finally present my entrance for Challenge #5: Peasants and Pioneers for the Historical Sew Fortnightly! Midterms, presentations, and rehearsals interfered with the post coming sooner. ;)

(Slightly blurry, Camera was being annoying)

What I am wearing:
  • Muslin Shift with 3/4 length sleeves and a ribbon drawstring. It is my historically-inaccurate-but-I-needed-a-colonial-shift shift. 
  • Regency Era Short Stays from Simplicity 4052. Made of two layers of muslin with reed boning and cotton laces. 
  • A strapped petticoat, pieced with the remains of the muslin I possess. The straps are grosgrain ribbon because I have no more muslin. 
  • The drop front Regency Era gown. Made of old sheets which no longer fit the bed. There are also cotton tapes to fasten it. Sheets are 60% cotton, 40% polyester (never again for sheets...) Pattern started as Simplicity 4055.
  • Cotton flannel high waisted apron. Has one grossly inaccurate plastic button in the center back...
  • Also I have my cotton knit red stockings, and my navy shoes (also not accurate but they work with this, sorta)
  • And the attempt at a turban. It's just a long strip of brown flannel. I had to pin it in place so it's over my muslin caul. 
Dress from Behind

I'm actually pretty happy with this. I made it in about two weeks with the materials I had on hand. All I bought was the cotton ties for the stays, and the cotton tape for the dress. Which means this dress cost less than $5. From what I can tell, it appears I used the wrong bodice back...the evening one in place of the day one. Either that or I need to make a chemisette, which I would have but I ran out of fabric. So I will eventually.

Here are the facts as per the challenge:
Challenge #5: Peasants and Pioneers
Fabric: Dress was two pillow cases and a top sheet of old twin bed sheets (cotton/polyester). Apron was a small portion of the cotton flannel bottom sheet of a twin set. Undergarments are cotton muslin. 
Pattern: Started as Simplicity 4055. Adapted from there. Used the Drop Front Dress Instructions from Sense and Sensibility, I think. I kinda made it up along the way. 
Year: Early 1800s. I personally prefer to think roughly 1820s in my head. I wanted it to look old fashioned. 
Notions: Cotton tape, eyelets, cotton cord, thread
How Historically Accurate is It? It looks historically accurate, I couldn't swear to any of it. Regency is not my time period. Although it's accurate to the challenge, sheets are reused fabric which would have been pioneer-y
Hours to Complete: About 3 hours on the apron, 4 on the short stays, 2 on the strapped petticoat, and 48 or so on the dress, I think
Total Cost: about $5. All I bought was the tape and cord. I had the rest. 

To me, this is a Cinderella dress. Here Cinderella is, working fast to clean out the fireplace, waiting for her prince. Mind you I would have done it without the fairy godmother and then rescued the prince myself...

On other notes, my faire garb is coming along, and I will soon be cutting out my linen! Until then, smile!



  1. I think it looks great.
    Are the mice going to help you make a ballgown? ;)

    1. I wish they would. I have another set of sheets that would make an awesome ballgown though.....