Sunday, March 17, 2013

An Apology and A Salute to "The Stash"

To begin, I must apologize for the lack of a write up on my Regency Cinderella, Challenge #5 in the Historical Sew Fortnightly. The dress is done and currently on Petunia (my dress form. Inanimate objects are easier to yell at with names).

I want to do a full write up but that requires two valuable things which I currently do not possess: time and my photographer. The first will be easily solved. It is almost Spring Break. I just have to do a presentation and start a paper. Midterms are now over. The second requires plotting on my part. Lover is in rehearsal a lot which makes pictures difficult. But I swear I will have them for this week! (Also I will be able to figure out my hair for the dress, since I want it to look really good)

Also there have not been many projects on here. I have several in the works, two are waiting for the arrival of a box of fabric. Yay! Which should be here Monday. However! Until then, I present a Stash Project Genie and a valuable lesson in the Importance of a Ribbon Box.

This is the first part of the Stash Genie:

The top is made of a double layer of chiffon with the metallic trimmed sheer purple ribbon at the edges to add support and detail.

I based the pattern off a bikini top. Just flattened out the triangle portion of the top for a pattern and then cut out four, safely reinforcing that chiffon is a bitch to sew. I had to recut two after Jacques (the sewing machine) and the fabric had a disagreement. So I stitched it by hand. Went together rather quickly. The ribbon for the edges of the triangles and the neck ties is ironed in half, which was another rather difficult part.

Ribbon vs. Iron - Iron Wins. 

Luckily, I didn't have to use that piece of ribbon. I probably shouldn't have had the iron *that* hot but the ribbon wouldn't iron! 

Now, this ribbon, it is a lesson in the importance of "this'll be enough for the project I haven't thought of yet". I got it from a $1 ribbon sale at A.C. Moore. It's 7/8'' polyester sheer with metallic edge. I bought two spools in purple, one in white, and one in red. It took a little over one spool to make all the ribbon portions on the top and I knew I wanted to put the ribbon on the skirt and veils, to tie the outfit together. So I improvised. 
Satin Ribbon to the Rescue!
(We can tell I like purple)

So I just happened to have purple satin ribbon of a close enough color to the rest of the ribbon and chiffon in my stash. I believe I used it for ribbon rosettes on the Dark Queen's garters (Long story that was completely ruined by a vicious head cold and a lost hurricane). With all the ties on, the top fits like a bikini top. And thanks to MMA, I have no need for sit-ups to be able to wear this. (I know, Shut up Merlin!)

I have already started hemming the veils for this. They will be out of purple chiffon as well, probably with a bit of the teal chiffon worked in. There will also be a bolero or sleeves, either chiffon or satin; a teal chiffon shirt with a purple yoke and more purple ribbon. I'm gonna attempt this without buying anything. 

Despite the small scale of this project, I have learned several things:
  1. Iron when one is in a patient mood. Polyester ribbon requires patience. 
  2. Always buy more of the $1 a spool ribbons than you think you'll ever need. It can always be used for something. 
  3. Chiffon is a bitch. It has a mind of its own. Sew small objects by hand. 
  4. Stashes rock. I always get yelled at for having so much fabric, but I can do an entire project without buying anything! (More ribbon would be nice though)
  5. It's fun to be fantasy instead of Historical Accuracy. 
Also in my stash search I found this:

Can anyone say "Over the Top Princess"? I would use it for the Pretty Pretty Princess Sewing Challenge, but I have a much more original idea for that. ;)

I love my stash!

Also the pirates are almost done!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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